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Betsy Steiner – International Dressage Rider and Trainer, NJ

Heather and Questie arrived for a lesson one day and everyone in the barn commented on how shiny and gorgeous his coat looked. He glistened! We carried on with our work, had a great lesson, and as I walked over to give Questie a pat I said to Heather, "Is that him that smells so amazing? What did you use on him?" She told me it was a grooming product called Equine Organix.

You see, one of my horses loves to sleep in his manure and when I ride him and he gets hot, and the smell is not pleasant! Heather explained that not only does it smell amazing, but that it is also what makes their coats look so wonderful. She brought me shampoo to try, and I am in love. My horses' coats have improved and now riding is like having an aroma therapy spa treatment! Everyone who comes into the barn wants to know what we use and I tell them it is this awesome stuff.

Now that Equine Organix is available for all, I don't have to hoard it away to keep everyone from using it all up! I am so thrilled with the results (and the smell) of this shampoo and now many of my students are as
well. We look for excuses to give the horses a bath!

Heather Gillette – International 3-Day Event Rider and Trainer, NJ

My horses, Questie and Gerry, had arrived from New Zealand were having terrible skin problems. Both from bugs and stress from their travels. I was having an awful time trying to find a shampoo that would help them. I tried medicated, tea tree, sensitive skin and a whole host of products – none of which successfully helped my boys. They just continued to have dry flaky skin and were losing hair.

I tried Equine Organix, and to my absolute delight it worked amazingly well! Their skin improved drastically with one wash – soothed and not flaking. And their coats! I can't tell you how amazing they looked. They
absolutely bloomed! Their hair stayed soft and smelled wonderful for days.

It is the only shampoo that I have used since the first bath with it. It is so good for the horses and the
results are incredible.

Sue McElroy – Editor, equestrianlist.com

Thank you for supplying me with a sample of your shampoo and detangler. I must admit, I currently have three bottles of different “hair products” for my horse. It is not like I need another one. However, I did
appreciate the opportunity to try your shampoo the other day. I really liked how it smelled. The best part was on the following day. I brought my horse in and he was covered, and I mean covered, in mud. When I went to groom him, the dirt came off so easily. I was most impressed by that as well as the shine in his coat, despite all the dirt that I had just brushed off.

I think you have a really good product! I also like that fact that a portion of your proceeds benefit equine rescue and young rider organizations. Keep up the good work!

Dana Weber – Horse Owner, KS

Your leather neck halter was a life saver this past weekend. Thanks for getting it to me asap! I have a horse that can get out of any halter, and we were camping this last weekend and I put a regular halter on him and then the neck halter, too. When he got out during the night, he had gotten out of the regular halter but the neck halter was still there! Thank you!

Ashley Donayre – Eventer, NJ

My horse, Oliver Twist, is a very sensitive thoroughbred in every imaginable way – especially when it comes to his skin. Needless to say, bathing Oliver was never a fun task. No matter what “calming” bath products I tried, they all left him dry, itchy and irritable – even in humidity. And when he’s feeling itchy, he rubs himself against anything he can find, which makes him prone to scrapes, minor skin infections and sometimes fungus. Being a bit of a skeptic, I bought your Equine Organix Chamomile Shampoo at a horse clinic with no real expectations – but I liked the fact that it was pH-balanced for horses and
not humans.

After using it just one time, I discovered it was a wonderful find. It not only smells great like the other products I had tried, it actually works. And I love the fact that it rinses easily without leaving any irritating residue behind. With no need for a conditioner, it is now my “one-stop-shop” for a shiny coat that softens and soothes Oliver’s sensitive skin, making him a happier horse (and me a happier human). Thank you!

Anne Martin – Horse Owner, FL

I received your shampoo today and used it on my Thoroughbred, Tek, who has sweet itch and is allergic to no-see-um bites. He is itchy all the time during the summer and has to wear a fly blanket constantly. With the Florida heat and humidity, it helps if I wash him regularly, but so many horse shampoos are very drying. I’ve tried many different types of lotions and shampoos, but poor Tek has sensitive skin. Your shampoo works great and does not dry his skin and soothes his scratched areas.

He is so much more relaxed after his baths with your shampoo now and not so itchy! I’m glad you made such a great product and shared it with me. Tek says thanks, too!

Dawn Eastabrooks – Eventer, NJ

As a competitor, I have gone through a lot of grooming products over the years. After a jump clinic with Kristin Schmolze, my horse Finnigan was given a bath at the Equine Organix' benefit Horse Wash. The results were amazing! He was super shiny and smelled wonderful! I have been using Equine Organix' shampoo and detangler ever since... he stays cleaner longer, and when I compete I know I can wash him multiple times without drying his coat. I have finally reduced the "product" clutter in my tack room!

Lissa Halliday – Eventer, VA

I don't think any other shampoo I have used on Madison has left her coat so shiny and soft. And knowing that it does not contain any harmful ingredients makes me confident that I can use it as often as I need, without any risk to her health and skin. I love it!

Karen Taylor-Broughton – Eventer, NJ

I have been using Equine Organix since 2010 and never tire of the compliments about how shiny my horse Chieftain looks, or how fresh he smells! I wash Chieftain before a show or event, and whether it's riding a cross-country course or doing a 10-mile trail pace, I rinse him down with just water, and he is keeps his shine and still smells wonderful. Equine Organix keeps my Chieftain looking like a new copper penny!

Stephanie Carter – Horse Owner, IL

Received the shampoo and detangler and I LOVE THEM! They smell wonderful and the scent lasts forever. Best of all, though, it doesn't cause my thoroughbred, Iris, to break out in hives – YAY! This will be our choice from now on. Thank you for such wonderful products!

La Vonne Sowles – All-around Rider and Horse Owner, CA

My Iberian horses have so much mane and tail, and Equine Organix products give such a bright luster to everything. And my hands are soft after bathing. LOVE IT! You should see the shine on my Friesian!

Kelly Frank – Horse Owner, IN

I truly LOVE the ease of use and practicality of my new Equine Organix Leather Grooming Halter! It is just what I was looking for for my 13 y.o. Haflinger. I may just retire my conventional halter altogether. Great craftsmanship and rugged construction means it’ll last a long time.